Indian Mills Historical Society
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The Indian Mills Historical Society was founded in 1973 by local residents of Shamong Township. Many founding members were descendants of residents of Indian Mills and the surrounding area for generations.


The Indian Mills Historical Society's mission is to restore local historical sites and educate the public on the many historical people, places and events of the area.

Indian Mills

Indian Mills was the site of the first Indian Reservation, known as Brotherton, from 1758-1801. In fact, the name Shamong, is an Indian name that means place of the horn referring to the abundance of deer that supplied food and clothing for the Native Americans that first settled there. Later milling operations were run from there, hence the name.

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June 16, 2014, 7:30 pm, Shamong Township Municipal Building.   We will be showing the interview, with Frank Chapinne, long time resident of Atsion.  This is very interesting listening to Frank talk about various subjects, when he was a boy, about his parents, growing up in Atsion,  etc.

All are invited.



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Indian Mills Historical Society